List of Top 20 Best PUBG Players in India

Before starting with the list of top 20 best PUBG players in India here is a small introduction of PUBG mobile and its journey from a PC based game to every other Indian’s mobile.

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The PC version of PUBG was launched in March 2017. After a whopping success in the PC version, the mastermind behind this game, Mr. Brendon Greene in partnership with the world’s biggest mobile gaming company TENCENT decided to launch its mobile version. After launching PUBG mobile it took India by storm and makers by surprise. 

People got addicted to this game and suddenly India became the biggest market for PUBG mobile. On the other hand, It became India’s greatest unifier breaking all the so-called barriers of religion.

The managing team of PUBG mobile didn’t miss the opportunity and planned some competitive tournaments for the world’s biggest PUBG mobile market. The first tournament that was organized especially for Indians was DREAMHACK, Mumbai. From this tournament, the forming of a new type of e-sports gaming eco-system started. An eco-system that contains professional players, e-sports organizations, PUBG mobile influencers, casters, gaming creators, coaches, and streamers. The assembly was called Indian Gaming Community (IGC).

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The most important and most worshipped part of this community are competitive players and after going a little deep, we’ll realize that a perfect squad contains an in-game leader (IGL), the mastermind who takes every important decision like how to enter in the zone, how to rotate, when to go aggressive and when to go passive, the IGL is the backbone of squad. An entry fragger the one who tries for first blood of enemy and makes an opening for his/her squad to push in another team, 2nd assaulter who supports entry fragger in taking trades, a support player who can do anything according to the need of the squad and one player in every squad takes that extra burden of the filter IGL. A filter IGL is the team’s other decision-maker other than IGL who verifies IGL’s call if he/she is not confident about a decision.

India’s Top 20 Competitive PUBG Player Of 2020

Here we will take a look at the top 20 competitive players of PUBG mobile, all 20 players are India’s best PUBG players as we see them. These players are not absolute and there’s always a debate about the best players. One of your favorite players may be missing from the list. Please don’t get offended we’ll try to cover them up with a special mention at the end of this article. Let’s begin with the list.


One of the most famous IGL in the Indian PUBG mobile scenario. Currently, he is a professional PUBG mobile player for U-Mumba esports, he had played for insidious (INS) organization and team hydra also.


His team was 2nd runner up in PMIT Kolkata and got 4th place in PUBG mobile club open south-east Asia regional finals. Bhisma’s journey with team hydra was quite satisfactory as he got top position in PMCO spring split semifinals and 9th place in finals. Bhisma’s game style is passive and he believes in placement points and never plays in the unorthodox style. He likes to play quiet and composed.

Major Achievements

  • 4th place in PMCO fall split southeast Asia regional finals
  • 2nd runner up in PMIT 2019


Akash Anadani aka MaxKash is a veteran who got fame only after joining Marcos gaming organization. Currently, he is a DMR specialist and an assaulter for team Marcos gaming.

maxkash-top pubg player in India

MaxKash didn’t get much exposure till PUBG mobile club open south-east Asia 2020. He notched up some real sensational highlights as he secured 5th place in the list of top fraggers in PMCO SEA regional finals 2020.


If team soul is standing out there at the top even after 2 years than credit goes to none other than the heart of team SOUL Mr. Yash Prakash Soni aka viper. Yes! you got it right, when mortal left competitive and Ronak and Owais left team SOUL than viper was the only one who fought single-handedly and rescued team SOUL in its downtime. He along with mortal is the only player who has represented India at the global stage the most number of times. 

VIPER-top pubg player in India

He is the most experienced support player in India and plays as a support for team soul. If SOUL needs a sniper he will be a sniper, If the team needs entry fragger he will be the one. He is one of the most reputed players in the Indian PUBG mobile community.

He has won PMIS 2018 the very first major tournament of PUBG mobile. Viper with team soul won PMCO spring split 2020 and represented India at the global level. He along with team SOUL was runner up at PMCO fall split 2019.

Major Achievements

  • PMIS 2018 champion 
  • PMCO spring split champion
  • PMCO fall split south-east Asia runner up

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This veteran legend currently plays for entity gaming. Neyoo is the main reason behind the success of entity gaming at the global level. This man stays in the background and never greeds for fame, a perfect team player who plays for the team, personal records don’t matter for him. He is an aggressive assaulter and one of the best 1V1 close range player of India. He is well known for his speed while moving right and left, that makes him one of the best close range player of India.


His team got 4th place in the ESL championship and brightened the name of India at the global level. He also won PMCO fall split south-east Asia and represented India at the global level. There neyoo and his squad got 5th place.

Major Achievements

  • PMCO fall split, 2019 champion
  • ESL championship 4th place
  • 5th place in the world league


If you are a PUBG fan and do watch PUBG related stuff on youtube than I am pretty sure you have somewhere heard the quote ”iconic to legend hai”. If yes then this is the same guy Vinay Gehlot aka iconic.


He is an assaulter for team POWERHOUSE and known for his M16A4 taps. He was a member of the old team soul. he is like AB De Villiers of PUBG, a great player indeed but never won a major title.


RVNG is an esports athlete for team REVENGE esports and a real inspiration for many others because he is just a below 18 kid banging hard those pros and making a real mark. He is one of the top PUBG players in India. He was 5th in top fraggers list in PMIT finals.


Akshay Devangan aka RVNG Akshay is also a PMCO finalist. He has achieved a lot of till now and surely he is a player to look out for future, a great future awaits this little legend.

Major Achievements

  • #5 top fragger in PMIT


If you have ever played PUBG than you are must be well aware of jiggle (fast left-right movement). Ump420OP is known as jiggle god and is lightning fast in his jiggle movements and when it’s his day he can take anyone by surprise. 

420OP is one of the most aggressive assaulters and snipers for team U-Mumba e-sports. He is not a veteran but has shown his potential that you just can’t ignore him. His team U-Mumba esports is the next big thing in this competitive ecosystem with the mind of IGL Bhisma and firepower of 420OP and Destro.


420OP was the highest damage dealer in semifinals of the PMCO sea region 2020 and his team 7seas esports secured 11th place in PMCO sea regional finals of 2020. After this tournament, he joined U-Mumba esports.


Aman Jain aka Soulaman comes at #13 in our list of top 20 players of PUBG mobile in India. He currently plays for team SOUL and his role is entry fragger. He is a very old friend of mortal since the very beginning of PUBG mobile. Mortal and he used to push rank together but after that mortal got a perfect line up and aman didn’t. but as said if you have potential you will be the best, just wait for the right time to come. The time came and he started to play competitive PUBG and got a contract from entity gaming India. Aman is the first gyroscope player of India followed by scoutop.


He gained some real popularity when he did clutch after clutch in PMCO fall split regional finals and helped his team entity gaming to secure top position in the tournament securing the top fragger position of the tournament with more than 30 kills. After that tournament, he returned to the team soul, the place where he belongs.

Major Achievements

  • #1 top fragger in Pmco fall split sea regional finals
  • #4 place in ESL championship
  • Winner of PMCO fall split 2019

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In the era of team soul, team IND, and entity gaming the team that made it into the heart of Indians was team Synerge, and credit goes to Mr. Naresh Seervi also known as sgeseervi. He is a great assaulter and much more accurate in his sprays and IGL of team Synerge.

He notched up some real highlights when in prelims of world league he clutched 1V4 against the team INS. Team Synerge secured 3rd position in PMCO fall split 2019 and got the title of 2nd runner up.


Major Achievements

  • #6 in point table in PMIT
  • #2 in PMCO fall split in 2019


Manty op is a professional PUBGm player for team tamilas. He was not a well-known player so it was quite difficult to get that fame but performance speaks louder than words as he was highest damage dealer in PMCO sea regional finals 2020 and if we check stats of all three PMCO finals still he’ll be on top in dealing damage in a particular PMCO.


He is that player of India who has guts and potential to become the world’s best assaulter and that’s why we have put him at #10 in the top 20 PUBG players list of India. In PMCO 2020 India regional finals his team got 4th place and Manty op made it into top fraggers list.

Major Achievements

  • #2 in top fraggers list in PMCO 2020
  • #Highest damage dealer PMCO 2020
  • #4 team ranking in PMCO 2020


Vivek Abhas aka clutchgod is an esports free athlete for TSM Entity gaming India. you won’t believe that he is just a 16-year-old kid who has been MVP in two consecutive tournaments.

Clutchgod snatched the title of top fragger and the highest damage dealer in PMIT 2019. His team won the tournament and After that, he joined team SOUL as an assaulter just 7 days before the starting of PMCO fall split 2019 and made it back to the top fraggers list. 


He left team SOUL afterwards and joined TSM entity gaming as an IGL and assaulter. This addition of Clutchgod in TSM entity gaming is doing wonders and entity gaming is undoubtedly going to be the best team in the world. Vivek is a real wonder boy, he is just 16 years old and has already taken the world by storm. We believe that in upcoming time he will be one of the best PUBG player in world.

Major Achievements

  • Top fragger and damage dealer in PMIT 2019
  • PMIT 2019 champion
  • Runner up in PMCO fall split 2019


Mavi is known for his assaulting skills and the best Indian IGL. Most of the IGLs are not that good when it comes to performance. They just manage the team but Mavi is an exception. He is a great assaulter and believes in improving. In every tournament whether his team loses or wins their placement points always hold the top chart.


Mavi’s squad or team orange rock was runner up in PMIT 2019 and he along with team Indian Tigers secured 3rd position in PMCO spring split 2019.

Major Achievements

  • #4 in top fraggers list in PMIT 2019
  • #3 team ranking in PMCO Spring Split 2019
  • #2 team ranking in PMIT 2019


Kanishka Shah hails from Kolkata known as “Slayer” in PUBG mobile. He is the most versatile player in PUBG mobile community. Slayer can acclimatize himself according to the team’s needs. He can do sniping, entry fragging, and he is also a filter for team IND. According to an interview of his teammate and IND’s IGL Kratos, Slayer leads the charge in the final circles.


He is a real gem to team IND as after addition of slayer team IND notched up some sensational achievements.

Major Achievements

  • #5 in PMCO Fall Split India region
  • #11 in PUBG mobile all-stars tournament

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Gopal Sharda aka GODL Carry / Haster comes at the 7th in our list of best 20 PUBG players in India. He is among the most known faces of the PUBG mobile community. Carry is one of the three players on which PUBG mobile released a documentary. By this fact, you can guess the level of his popularity.

He was the top fragger in PMCO 2020 and helped his team GODLike to grab the title of champion. In the first-ever major tournament of PUBG in India, his team Indian Tigers got 3rd place and won prize money of 20,000 USD.


After this tournament, he switched to team orange rock esports where his team was runner up in PUBG mobile India tournament. Again after the tournament, Carry left orange rock esports and joined team GODLike. Later, it proved to be a wise decision as his team won PMCO 2020.

Major Achievements

  • PMCO 2020 Champions
  • Runner up in PMCO spring split 2019
  • Runner up PMIT 2019
  • Top fragger with 34 kills in PMCO 2020


Smokie is known as the oldest competitive PUBG player in India. Smokie currently plays for team Godlike and also started his competitive journey from Godlike. After the setback in the very first tournament, he left team godlike and joined Insidious organization. This veteran has mastered every aspect of PUBG mobile and sometimes we wonder how he hasn’t got the fame he deserves. Smokie stays away from the limelight and every time tries to be a better version of himself. He currently plays for team godlike and his role in the team is IGL and supporter. Team Godlike won PMCO 2020 so basically it was the first trophy for our veteran and beloved Smokie. His squad team ins got 2nd runner up title in PMIT finals. Smokie is famous for his assaulting skills, DMR taps, and 6x sprays.


Major Achievements

  • 4th place in PMCO sea regional finals
  • 2nd runner up in PMIT 2019
  • Champion of PMCO regional finals 2020


The most versatile player believes in the mind game with a strong gunfight, Mumbai based 18-year-old lad Md. Owais Lakhani has achieved more than any other player in PUBG mobile. Out of 5 major tournaments of PUBG mobile in India, Owais has won 3 tournaments. He is known as the best IGL of PUBG mobile due to his overpowered performance & mind games and deserves to be on the list of top PUBG players in India.


World’s biggest esports organization Fnatic have signed a contract with him. Owais got exposure from dream hack Mumbai. After this he won PUBG mobile India series, PMCO spring split and PUBG mobile all-stars tournament.

Major Achievements

  • #2 top fragger PMCO spring split 2019
  • Champion PUBG mobile all-stars tournament
  • #1 at PMCO spring split 2019
  • Champion of PUBG mobile India series


The man, the myth, the legend is none other than fan favorite and the most beloved PUBG player of India Mr. Naman Mathur aka mortal. You can guess the level of his popularity by just his fan-favorite awards. He has won more awards for his popularity than his gameplay. Naman’s calmness outside and inside the battleground makes him a perfect team leader. He plays as a filter IGL for team SOUL.

Mortal is one of the most followed esports players across all social media platforms. He has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 4.5 million followers on YouTube.

His journey kicked off from a random YouTube clip which got viral and people started to know about him and at the same time, PUBG mobile announced a major tournament, PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS). Mortal with team SOUL won that tournament and suddenly become the apple of everyone’s eye.


It was the time when PUBG mobile had taken India by storm and overshadowed every other game. At that same time when mortal was on full glory, one more major tournament PMCO Spring Split 2019 was announced and Mortal with his other teammates representing team SOUL won that tournament also. We can say that this was the golden era for team SOUL and not another team was competitive enough to defeat them.

Once he left PUBG mobile competitive scenario and decided to be a full-time streamer after failures in the world league, at the same time Owais and Ronak left the team soul. Team Souldiers got disbanded here, Viper was only player left and for his sake, Mortal came back and SOUL got runner up title in PMCO fall split 2019. He was also in the top fraggers list. Mortal is very mature, humble, and down to earth. This makes him the best out of a person. He donated all the money to the Indian army which he won in PMCO fall split 2019.

Major Achievements

  • PMIS 2018 champions
  • PMCO 2019 spring split champion
  • PMCO 2019 fall split runner up
  • Fan favourite player award in the world league

You must be wondering that if mortal comes at #4 of this best 20 PUBG players list that who secured the top 3 numbers. Well! check them out.


Have you ever heard about gyroscope and m416 auto gun + 6X spray? if yes than none other than Mr Tanmay Singh aka scout has made these things famous in India. Scoutop is the 2nd player only after Aman Jain (soul/entity) to use the gyroscope in Indian PUBG mobile circuit and 1st one who’s made it famous. Scout is very hardworking and spends 2-3 hrs practising in the practice room. 

Tanmay is one of the best sprayers around the globe and that’s why we have put him on the #3 in our list of top 20 PUBG players in India. He is considered in the top 3 Indian assaulters on a serious note but his bad luck pulls him back from winning a tournament. 


Scout started his journey with r4w clan then joined team GODLike and played an international tournament when most of the people were not even aware of PUBG. He was one of the top fraggers in PMCO spring split 2020 and his squad team IND snatched runner up title. Currently, he is playing for the world’s biggest PUBG mobile organization Fnatic. 

Scout is an aggressive player and dedicatedly lives this game you can take scout’s spirit out of scout but not PUBG. Scout always gives a promising performance at the global level. He is one of the most popular Indian PUBG players on social media platforms as well.

Major Achievements

  • Runner up in PMCO spring split 2019


The sniper king of India, none other than Daljit from team orange rock. He has played for team IND also. He is the only Indian player who has been in the top fraggers and MVP list of every major PUBG tournament.

His in-game name is Daljitsk and his fans believe that it stands for Daljit sniper king. It is said about him that if even a pixel exposed to him, he will snipe it in seconds. That’s why he is considered one of the best PUBG players in India. He is a high fragging player and his playing style completely depends on IGL’s call. His qualities make him a perfect team player. 


As early mentioned he is very good at sniping but some time for the team’s sake he becomes a complete assaulter who will do entry fragging for the team, will lead the team in mid-range fights. Most of the other competitive players admit that Daljit is the best PUBG player in India on behalf of technical skills.

Major Achievements

  • #2 position in PMCO spring split 2019
  • #5 position in PMCO fall split 2019
  • #2 position in PMCO spring split 2020


Inspiration for every PUBG player, he is the ideal of many competitive players as well. Jonathan Amaral, Mumbai based boy who took the world by storm when he clutched against world’s best team the Bigetron Red Alliance. He was overall on 4th ranking in the world ranking and that’s the best performance till date by any Indian and the reason behind the no. 1 ranking in this list of top 20 famous PUBG players in India.

What you want from a player, mid-range, close range, long-range fight and he has mastered every aspect of this game. He is a god of close-range fights. When he started playing with entity gaming he wasn’t that famous. Watching his out of the box performance, people used to call him a hacker in a funny way. 


He was a former competitive player for team skull and carried his team single-handedly in PMCO spring split.

After his excellent performance in skull gaming, entity gaming offered him a contract. And now he is an irreplaceable gem for entity gaming. In the PMCO fall split, Jonathan was 2nd highest damage dealer. His team secured 1st position and won the tournament with the highest no. of kills and set new standards for upcoming tournaments. He led his team to 4th place in the ESL championship. His team also secured 5th place in world league and it is to date best performance from any team of south-east Asia region.

Major Achievements

  • #4 ranking in ESL
  • PMCO fall split 2020 champion
  • Top 4 fragger in the world league
  • #5 in the world league

This list of best PUBG players in India ends here but as we told you earlier that we’ll give a special mention to some excellent players. These players haven’t achieved much but they have the true potential to be in this list. So here they are.

Entity Ghatak

The man behind the global success of entity gaming. In a first-ever major PUBG tournament of India, Ghatak met Mortal and told him that next time he’ll also be there competing hand to hand. Of course, he did it. He is a brilliant in-game leader and coach of entity gaming.

Soul Regaltos

Regaltos is a frontline assaulter and an aggressive in-game leader for team SOUL. His squad got 2nd position in PUBG mobile club open south-east Asia regional finals. Regaltos hasn’t played many tournaments but clearly has shown a potential level.

Austin X

Austin X plays as an assaulter for team Synerge and most of the time dominates every midrange and close-range fight. In the future, he’ll be among the bests in the world.


ZGod currently plays for entity gaming and he is a real midrange beast. With the highest damage record in PMCO fall split 2019 he made it to the top fraggers list in. Zgod has also played for team Zero Degree.


Snax is the best technical player in India. He is the reason behind many Indian started copying Chinese pros. Snax has played for team megastars and currently an esports athlete for team IND and as an analyst, I’m pretty sure he’ll be the world’s best player someday.


The silent and brilliant IGL for team IND. He has got some real and sheer talent as an IGL. Kratos believes in placement points more than kill points, this makes his game style kind of mixed as he goes passive in initial circles and aggressive in the last circles. His squad was runner up in PMCO spring split 2019 and got 5th place in PMCO fall split 2019.


Our list of 20 best PUBG players in India 2020 ends here. We tried our best to include your favorite player on the list. Please let us know your views of this list in the comment section. We will soon be coming up with the list of top streamers in India, to catch up, subscribe to our newsletter.

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