10 Best Websites to Download Free Movies

If you are getting bored and have nothing to do, then watching movies could be a great medium of entertainment. You can enjoy movies with your friends, family or yourself. Now you don’t have to wait for the release of a CD or DVD of a movie as we have a lot of apps that stream movies and web-series. But, as we all know most of the apps need to get registered first and you have to pay to watch your favorite movie or show. Also, you can’t download movies externally and move it into another device or add it to your favorite collection. It is not the only problem because you can’t find every movie or show on just one app, you need to take subscription of many apps and of course have to pay for each one.

In this article you will find a solution to your problems as we have compiled the list of top 10 best websites to download free movies without signing up. At the end of the article we have also given a guide on how to download movies from these websites if that is a problem for you.

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What Is The Best Website To Download Free Movies Without Signing Up?

You all must have gone through various articles and found that most of those sites don’t open or if it opens then it is really hard to save your system from malicious files. In this list of top 10 websites to download movies and web series, the provided sites are completely safe and you will find desired movies and shows easily there. We have also added a bonus list other than these 10 sites. Don’t forget to check them out. Now, Let’s have a look at the list.

1. Extramovies

If you are looking for a website that provides movies and TV shows in 720p and 1080p than your search ends here. This website provides movies in best and HD quality as its tag line says “Where Quality Matters”. You can search for movies directly or choose by release year. It provides a wide range of categories from which you can find movies based on your choice. It has Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi and South Indian movies.

Extramovies -  best websites to download free movies

To download movies it provides Torrent magnet links, direct download link, and single download link. You can stream movies online also. You can also request for movies here by providing movie name and release year.

Downloading movies from this website is very easy as all you need to do is click on the link. If you are using adblocker than no ads will be shown and a website will open where you have to click on download image in a black box. This will open a downloading website from where you can simply download movies.

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2. Psarips

Psarips is one of the best website to download free Hollywood movies and TV shows. Its tag line is “First Never Follows” which is true as it is the very first site to provide the best available quality. You can find a great number of movies and complete TV shows here. It even has its downloading link. It also provides torrent magnet links.

Psarips - free movies download websites

You can find movies and shows in different qualities on this website. Also, It has several categories for movies and shows both. To remove ads you can register and become a VIP Member of this website.

3. Katmoviehd

If you are a movie lover and want to watch movies in other languages than English or Hindi, you should try this website as it has movies in so many languages. It has Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Korean and some other languages movies also.


It provides movies in every quality and size to download or watch online. Along with movies this site also provides single audio links and subtitles. Katmoviehd has unofficially dubbed movies and shows that none other websites provide. You can also download WWE RAW, SMACKDOWN, and other pay per view shows. It has a movie request option too. This website also has a dedicated mobile app for users.

4. Moviesflixpro

This is one of the best user-friendly websites to download free movies. It gives users a lot of options for choosing movies with the desired size and quality. Moviesflixpro has the easiest downloading path, All you need to do is click and wait for 10 sec and download links will appear.
You can also download PC games from this website.


They have different websites to download Bollywood movies and animated shows. The Bollywood movies site is named ‘themoviesflix’ and animated movies site is named ‘animeflix’. This animated movie website has most of the Japanese and Korean anime shows and movies.

5. Downloadhub

As per its name, this website is the real hub for downloading movies. This is one of the best website to download free movies and TV shows that have a large collection you can’t imagine. From this website you can download Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Marathi, South Indian, and multi-audio dubbed movies. Along with the movies, you can also download web series, TV shows., Indian Television reality shows, and WWE shows.


One of the biggest features of Downloadhub is that it has movies in every size and quality. Now, this website also provides users with PC games. If we dive further into its categories it also gives you the privilege to download Bollywood video songs and uncategorized movies. You can watch or download movies easily using the below-given links.

6. Mkvcage

Mkvcage is one of the best, oldest, and most trusted websites to download movies. It is usually known for Hollywood movies and TV shows. This site provides Bollywood movies also but it is more famous for Hollywood movies. If we talk about TV shows this website is always the first one to provide downloading links. Its downloading links are the finest and fastest. Mkvcage does also provide foreign-language movies.


If you have downloaded movies previously anytime then you must be aware of this site, that’s why we have included this site in our best websites to download movies and TV shows list. This site was down for a little time and now it is back with a much better server. We have given the site link below but they usually change domains so if the link given below is not working then simply search its name without domain extension.

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7. Mkvcinemas

This is the best website to provide movies in MKV format. It has a large number of movies and TV shows that you can’t find on other websites. If you want to download a web series of paid apps like Netflix and amazon prime video then this website will come very handy as it has almost all shows and you can download them very easily


Mkvcinemas also has a mobile app where you can watch movies and have fun. You can download it from here. You may find some other websites with the same domain name but different domain extension because they have some mirror sites also. The content of these sites is the same as the parent site so in case if this website is not working you can use those as well.

8. Pahe

When you talk about movie downloading sites this website may surprise you because it is different from other websites. If you want to explore some distinctive movies then this website can help you choose the best movies and shows to watch. Here you can search for movies and shows by their IMDB ratings. It has a list of top 250 IMDB rated movies and shows.


On Pahe, you can also watch Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, and Thai Drama. It also allows us to search for movies with the director, studio, and character’s name for eg. you can search here ‘James Bond Movies’.

9. Khatrimaza

Khatrimaza used to be famous only for Bollywood and South Indian movies. But now, this website also has Hollywood movies and TV shows. It is one of the best websites to download Indian web series and Punjabi movies in HD quality for free.


This website has a special category for vintage movie lovers, they have a different option for old Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There are a lot of fake websites from this name but the only real website provides such diverse categories. You can also download some movies in 4K HD quality. When they change to a new domain you will find it featured on their old site.

10. Moviebaba

If you have searched for Bollywood movies then you know that there are not many websites that provide only Hindi movies. This website is a solution to this problem. As you can see that its name is quite different and in Hindi, This website is mostly known for Bollywood movies, Indian web series, and other Indian language movies. If you are a Bollywood lover then this website is best for you to download and watch free movies.


Moviebaba also has Hollywood movies category but it is more like following the trend, having English movies. They have Korean Dramas dubbed in Hindi, which makes this site quite unique in this list of top 10 websites to download movies and TV shows. You can say this site is devoted to Hindi movies. With its instant download links feature you can download movies faster and instantly.

As promised here are some bonus sites for you to watch movies and TV shows or download them to your drive. Have a look!


This website is known as a mobile movie downloader because it provides movies in a low-quality & size. You can download movies in MP4 format from this site and watch them on any device without downloading any dedicated video player app. Here you can also search for movies by the star cast.


This website is known for downloading movies in small file sizes. It has Bollywood and Tollywood movies more than Hollywood movies. This site has a lot of South Indian Hindi dubbed movies.


Moviemad is a good website to download Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi dubbed movies. It has a lot of Indian web series and Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri, and Punjabi movies also.


Moviespoint is like a mirror website for Moviesflixpro. These websites have a lot of similarities like theme and downloading process but their content isn’t quite the same. You can use this website as an alternate option if you are unable to find something on their websites.


Movies lounge is known for its downloading process because it provides preloaded index links by which you can start downloading just by clicking on the link. You don’t need to go through any download process. This site is famous for downloading Hollywood movies and TV shows. Now, It has started providing Bollywood movies also.

How to Download Free Movies and TV Shows Online?

You may find downloading movies a little exhausting because on most of the sites there are a lot of download buttons on the webpage and if you don’t know which button is real and which is not then it will be a waste of time finding out which button to click. Here we are providing you with an absolute method by which you can download movies faster and easier.

As we have mentioned about many sites that provide a link directly to download but it is not the same for all. Most of the sites have links hidden or locked that you have to unblock. These are just some security features where you have to prove that you are a human not a robot.
Below you will find a detailed procedure with screenshots on how to unblock links and download movies. We are using Katmoviehd.nu for example but you will find it quite the same on all other sites as well.

  • First of all make sure that you have enabled adblocker or you will have to close some irrelevant pages that open when you click on a link. If any site asks to disable adblocker to proceed further then you have to do so, it won’t harm your device or system.
  • Now choose a movie and open details and downloading page.
  • Click on 720p links. You can choose any quality or option you like.
  • As we have told you it opens a Human Verification page. This website doesn’t use captcha but some of the websites do. In that case you would have to verify the captcha. Now click on click here to verify.
  • On the next page, you will see a Double click to generate link button. Clicking on this will take you down on the page.
  • Now click on Go To Download Link. This will open a new website in a new tab.
  • you can see a lot of links here that You can choose to download.
  • On a downloading website you will see the Free Download button. It will open a new window, now click on create download link and then click on click to start download. now downloading file will pop up and you can start downloading and enjoy.


We tried our best to provide you with the list of top 10 best websites to download free movies and TV shows. Now you must have got a lot of sites to download movies from and also you have an idea about how to download movies. If any of these links are not working then let us knowin comment section, we will provide you the available alternative solution.

We would love to know how much you liked this article. Please let us know in the comment section below. Soon, we will also write an article about the list of best torrent websites to download movies and TV shows. To catch up subscribe to our newsletter

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